Videopodcast: The Environmental Origins of the Black Death (Bruce M.S. Campbell)

Evening lecture held by Bruce M.S. Campbell (Belfast), 25 February 2016, International Conference „The Crisis of the 14th Century. ‘Teleconnections’ between Environmental and Societal Change?” (German Historical Institute, 24-26 February 2016);Conference report (upcoming) and programme of the conference

Recommended further reading:

Bruce M.S. Campbell (2016), The Great Transition. Climate, Disease and Society in the Late Medieval World, Oxford: Oxford University Press. [forthcoming April 2016]

Copyright of the contents of the videopodcast: Bruce M.S. Campbell (Belfast), Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported

Video produced with financial support of the German Historical Institute Rome / Max-Weber-Stiftung by DVI99, Roma, with special thanks to Leonardo Birindelli.


Martin Bauch

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