Verschlagwortet: hagiography

Workshop: Moving Body Parts. Their Transcendence of Time and Space in Pre-Modern Europe (LMU München, 11./12. April 2014)

Workshop by Dr. Urte Krass (Institut für Kunstgeschichte) and PD Dr. Romedio Schmitz-Esser (Historisches Seminar): According to Jean-Claude Schmitt, “the dead have no existence other than that which the living imagine for them” – and sometimes, the living not only...

Carolingian Critters II: Leiden, Voss. Lat. F 113

Introduction[1] Ms. Leiden, RB Voss. Lat. F 113 is one of the more precious pieces of the Special Collection at Leiden, containing two rare geographical texts, the Cosmographia of Aethicus Ister and the anonymous De situ orbis terrae. It is...

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